Elevate your company’s employee meal perk program by partnering with Rema Foods Catering + Hospitality. We provide complete workplace food, catering and café management services. We manage and cater all aspects of your company’s day to day work place food and beverage needs in the London & Sourrinding  Areas

Rema Foods creates seasonally inspired menus on a 60 to 90 day cycle for breakfast, lunch, dinner catering services. We offer comprehensive catering management to accommodate all of your in-house hospitality needs. Rema Foods provides dining solutions for a wide range of food service needs. From corporate board room and meeting catering, to in-office special events, pop up concepts, Carts, Café’s and special occasion catering.

We are experts at creating workplace dining experience tailored to your business culture, needs and expectations. We follow popular culinary trends and quickly adapt offerings to meet the changing tastes of your valued team members.

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Specialisong in outside catering for all occasions , and On site Canteens 


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